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We supply fruit machines on hire to pubs, clubs and all types of commercial venues in Stockport, Manchester, Liverpool and thoughout the North West.

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Brenland Leisure have been a premier supplier of fruit machines in the Manchester and North West region for over 5 decades. You can be assured that we give knowledgeable advice on all aspects of siting gaming and fruit machines in your establishment. We supply a whole range of venues which include traditional public houses, either free trade or leaseholders, members clubs, sports clubs, working mens clubs, family entertainment centres, canteens, bingo clubs and many other location types.

The types of fruit machines available vary greatly. Legislation governs the types which public houses are allowed to have and a different legal framework must be adhered to by working mens clubs, for example. Whatever your venue, we are able to advise on the best use of space, the position to site them, the numbers required and the right machines that you are legally entitled to.

Brenland Leisure is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission
License Number: 005571-N-101256-008

Our Fruit Machine Range

More About Our Fruit Machines Services

The legal right to supply , maintain and repair fruit machines and gaming machines by Brenland Leisure Ltd is confirmed by our licence issued by the Gambling Commission who regulate/issue companies and individuals with licences in the UK. Our licence has been awarded by our completion and adherence to a set of strict rules and regulations that include analysis of past and future trading and company structure and enhanced CRBs being passed by our directors - Ian and Lorraine Price.

Please search for us on the Gambling Commission website where you will see full details of our operators licence that confirms our suitability to supply, maintain and repair gaming machines in the UK. We uphold and promote the Gambling Commission's aim of:

  • Keeping crime out of gambling
  • Ensuring gambling is conducted fairly and openly
  • Protecting children and other vulnerable people from being exploited or harmed by gambling

There are numerous legal requirements regarding gaming machines. We have the knowledge and expertise to guide you through your legal obligations and will advise on the most appropriate machines for your establishment. For example, takeaways and chip shops are not allowed gaming machines but are allowed quiz machines (swps), video games, pinballs and novelty games. Local councils also have strict guidelines and regulations in place regarding sitting gaming machines - we can help you satisfy their requirements.

Gaming machines can have various payouts - £5, £35, £75, £100, £150, £250 + others. We can advise the type and jackpot that is allowable in your specific location.

Many, but not all gaming machines require a government amusement licence duty to be paid. We can provide guidance on the licencing costs involved. We can also pay the licence fee for you and invoice you monthly to help your cash flow.

Above all, we can supply gaming machines at no initial cost to yourselves; providing a valuable income stream for our clients. Keen profit share or rental options are available. For a free no obligation site visit please contact us today on 0161 430 2664.

We offer a comprehensive range of fruit machines services:

Important news:
Machine Games Duty (MGD)

We are Gambling Commission regulated

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Gambling Commission Licensed & Regulated
Gambling Commission Licensed & Regulated
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