Category C Fruit Machines

The traditional ‘pub fruit machine’ is now classed as Category C by the regulators. Most pubs have a right to 2 of these machines, although more can be sited subject to local/legal restrictions. The machines are still seen as the mainstay of most venue’s gaming machines as they offer a £100 jackpot.

They are supplied on keen rental terms or a no obligation profit share with the machine floated by us and the licence fees are paid. We find that most many of clients prefer machines with note changers. This prevents the needs for the bar to provide change and accepting all notes is a major plus point in retaining customer loyalty.

Brenland Leisure is licensed and regulated by the Gambling Commission
License Number: 005571-N-101256-008

BRAND NEW FOR EARLY 2024 - Digital Cyclone Cabinet

New premium Cyclone digital cabinet. Stunning twin 32″ HD screens. Enhanced player experience & Cashbox. MAX Play 'Edge 2 Edge' Cat C Multi Game menu. Available with a host of peripheral device options.

Our Category C High Tech

Digital Cat C £100 Jackpot Gaming Machines

Digital gaming machines have a vast range of top rated , high earning , popular games on their digital platforms that have broad appeal. Games are regularly updated and new games added as the digital,concept gathers more keen players. The option of note acceptance linked to note payout has added to the steadily growing popularity of the digital gaming machine.

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Gambling Commission Licensed & Regulated
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